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Vultures in the hotel Continental and other notes of a zoo director

The new book by Prague Zoo’s director is concerned with extraordinary animals and people. Thanks to the engaging texts and unique photographs, you will be transported to get a behind the scenes look at the zoo and its history, you will visit African forests and the Mongolian deserts, but you will also stay at a pond in the Bohemian Paradise.

Author: Miroslav Bobek

Dostupnost: Skladem

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Naturally, despite the title, the new book by Prague Zoo’s director, supplemented by many unique photographs, is not solely about vultures. Here is a random selection of at least some of the 58 chapters:

A Green Magpie for My Professor – Kamba, our Gorilla Granny – On Patrol in the Gobi – An Antlion in the Mayonnaise – How a Giraffe Is Born – The Lake Titicaca Frog in Prague! – A Greeting from the First Ruler of the Seas – The Joyful Journey to Kordula – The Nonsensical Parrot – The Liberation of Our Anna from ‘Turkish Captivity’ – The Polite Orangutan Pagy-Jarkovský – A Journey to the Bottom of Darwin Crater – Mrs Nutmeg, Mrs Aniseed, Mrs Laurel and Mr Sumac – Names for the Elephant Princesses


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Publication date: 8.4.2021
Book – sewn binding with soft covers, 248 pages
ISBN: 978-80-851-2690-7